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Custom Floor - 8 Different Size Tiles - Onyx Stone from Turkey

Testimonial on the Onyx Floor

I don’t often write reviews of any kind but I simply had to in this case. I met Guy Bryant the first time when he visited my home to discuss my special tile job. Now I’ve had plenty of tile work done before in my homes and am particular about what I want and how I want it to look. Well, the job is now complete and I could not be more pleased!

Guy is a trustworthy, honest, kind and good man and in my humble view "ONE OF A KIND". It is rare in today’s scene of a rushed work climate to have such an experienced tile layer of such a high magnitude. Guy takes the time that is needed to do exceptional work. He won’t settle for less. My recent job was complicated, so many different sized tiles and stone of different thicknesses, and the rare use of the hand worked, expensive semi precious stone Onyx. Incredible precision was needed. The final result is breathtaking! Please see the photos on Guy’s website. The job could not have been more perfect.

I, without reservation and wholeheartedly recommend Guy for any tile job especially one that requires expert applications. In short, Guy is an Artisan with taste and fine judgment who takes the time to do the finest work I have ever seen. He works tirelessly to finish a job with extraordinary skill.

If amazing and superb tile work is what you are looking for "GUY IS YOUR GUY !!"

Thomas, Chapel Hill, NC.
17 November 2019

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